Bluesand WordPress Theme

Bluesand is a responsive blog theme that features the ability to change background & link colors, upload a logo, and disable sidebar or change sidebar location. Also, display a featured post/image at the top of home, category, and tag pages.

Theme Features

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I disable the sidebar or change its location?

In the Administrative panel, go to Appearance->Customize. Select Sidebar & Featured Post and check the box 'Move Sidebar to the Left' or 'Remove Sidebar From Every Page.'

2. How do I feature a post?

Go to the 'Add New Post' or 'Edit Post' page. Make sure Custom Fields are enabled via Screen Options (found on the top right of the page). Add a custom field to the post with bluesand_feature_this (case-sensitive) as name and the image link as value. The image dimensions should be at least 960 x 380 for best results. (For the image link, after uploading the image of your choice, go to Media->Library. Click to Edit the image, then copy the link under File URL, not Permalink.)

Note: The most recent post (with the custom field) in the home, category, or tag page will be featured

3. How do I add a full width page?

In the "Add New Page" or "Edit Page", look for Page Attributes on the right. Click on the dropdown menu for Template, and select Full Width Page, No Sidebar